feelPurple - Feel the power of Purple

Within a few days, you and everyone in your company will be able to enjoy version 2.0 of feelPurple, the wizard that fits in your pocket. 

Available for free on Android and IOS platforms, the app is a fast and fun way to take you on a journey through high-end segment experiences. 

The new update gives more speed and interactivity, knowledge quizzes for users to earn and accumulate points, climbing the podium at the expert curator's podium and receiving rewards - such as dinners, helicopter flights, tours in an exclusive Ferrari - that can be exchanged or , in the case of travel agents, transferred to customers, in a service customization format.

It is possible, for example, to make purchases of content created by specialists on certain topics, destinations and products to keep up to date with the world and experiences of the luxury market. If you are a born adventurer and like to discover new places and experiences, the feePurple will make all the difference for you. Register now to be notified first hand about the launch!