LATSClub ClassRoom

“We believe in education as a tool for transforming society. In this post-pandemic world, the role of companies as transforming agents in the environment where they are located becomes vital. We reviewed our knowledge transfer methodology, in order to share the concepts and the network of years in the international luxury tourism industry, making it available to the Portuguese-speaking public. We want to build relevant and high-impact content, democratize access to information and contribute to the career of those looking to become professional in the high-end tourism industry, ”says Carla Sequeira de Moura Pinheiro, CEO of LATSClub.

From this insight, Carla looked for a way to create and structure an online educational platform, LATSClub ClassRoom. “We thought of a format to present the content, so that each student can not only obtain technical training, but also short training courses with a high inspirational nature, within several relevant and necessary areas to work in the tourism industry. high standard as a whole ”, he explains. 

LATSClub ClassRoom stands out as the first independent platform in the luxury tourism industry to produce exclusive content, in Portuguese, in an unconventional didactic format, based on storytelling

Thus, when accessing the LATSClub ClassRoom, the student will be able to browse the courses in the menu, many of them free for a tasting of the method that is divided into: "How to do it" and "Specialists" - in which the instructors already recognized in some areas of the segment of luxury, are true protagonists of their stories and help to solve problems in the sector by sharing their own experiences, available there in “inspirational pills”. The courses are in the production phase and will be available here on the website ( from August 15th.