LATSClub Crew


A company that has in DNA innovation, customization and authenticity. In 2011, Latin America Tourism Sales (LATSClub) was born, with the philosophy of carrying out haute-couture work in Marketing and Sales, Commercial Representation and Public Relations in Latin America for each of its clients in the international luxury tourism market. “LATSClub does a handcrafted work delivering quality and commercial, technological and marketing intelligence, increasing the results of Sales and brand exposure,” says its director-general and founder, Carla Moura. The Brazilian executive decided to undertake from the demand of the exclusive hotel La Sivolière in Courchevel, which with her opted to outsource it´s Marketing and Sales department.
Based in São Paulo, the company now operates in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico. With a very selected portfolio of brands and loyal customers in various destinations around the world, such as India, Portugal, Bhutan and UAE, has expertise in creating Special Projects to make Brands outstanding from the comp set. One of the actions that marked its history was the creation of Braskicup, the ski championship for the Brazilian in Courchevel, carried out by La Sivolière and absolute success – entered the calendar of events of the station for more than six years.
Anchored in industry trends, LATSClub is always ahead, visionary. It maintains a horizontal team management policy, and its mission is to develop a solid relationship of trust with its client and grow slowly, with quality. His latest endeavor: an application to help travel agents, with information about their hotels, destinations and experiences and loyalty club, generating benefits. “The idea is to bring technology to good and transform agents into true travel Curators, making it easier to customize the experience,” says Carla. The future begins here.


By Antonella Salem *

* Journalist specialised in Tourism for more than 20 years, Antonella is Escape’s editor of Harper’s Bazaar magazine and curator of travel content.

Carla Moura



It's 3 pm sharp when I get to the door of the old four-story building in the Pinheiros neighbourhood of São Paulo. Who receives me in this office is Carla Moura herself, in casual clothes and way low profile, already apologising: ``Works are in progress,`` she says, with a smile on his face and the slight Portuguese accent. The many potted plants and vintage and creative details here and there make me feel at home. Carla soon serves me a fresh sifter coffee and begins to tell the story of a young woman who left home early and battled for her career and life like no one else. Eager for learning and enthusiastic about technology technology, she is the example of the executive of the future and has the gift of creating and undertaking.
Daughter of Brazilian mother and Portuguese father, Carla was born in Rio and grew up in Portugal. At age 13, he returned to Brazil with his family and, as soon as he was 18, he left for the world. The destination: Barcelona. ``I've always had a great passion for Spanish culture,`` she recalls. ``I fell in love with the city and I found myself.`` There she improved on the language and had his first contact with tourism and the challenges that involve a sales department, working at Hard Rock Café. She loved to hit goals. Then she shift to the hotel night shift supervision at the Hotel Arts Barcelona, a design hotel at the Ritz-Carlton Company, and decided to study Tourism at Mediterrani University School. ``A love story has appeared in the industry,`` she says. And also a love story that took her to Morocco. He, a Portuguese hotelier, with whom she later formed a family. She learned French and lived for years in the Barcelona-Marrakesh air-bridge, then Mauritius Island, Bodrum in Turkey, and Rio.
It was in the Moroccan city that Carla met Florence Carcassonne, director of the exclusive hotel La Sivolière, in Couchevel, her first client. ``She followed all my evolution.`` With the idea of outsourcing the hotel's Sales and Marketing department, Carla idealised her company, focused on the Latin American tourism industry, and returned to Brazil, where she established her base. She did not stop.
Awaited for knowledge and its academic and professional evolution, studied - and studied - always. She has a Masters in Business Management and Marketing - ESIC, MBA at Rushmore Business School, Executive Education and Digital Transformation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Google Mobile Academy and even an intensive UX (User Experience) course at Mergo in São Paulo , essential for creating Apps.
She loves to wake up early and embrace the challenges of running the business and the education of her two children. On weekends, she spends hours cooking with them - when she practices being a mother. When traveling, it is to recycle, participate in fairs and events or courses. In his spare time, she loves to listen to music of all genres and does kung fu. ``It brings me a very important balance.`` What do you think forward? ``I want to develop a great digital platform for the industry as a business, to support and train the agents.``

Antonella Salem

* Journalist specialised in Tourism for more than 20 years, Antonella is Escape's editor of Harper's Bazaar magazine and curator of travel content.

Lucie Brejsova

Head of Sales

A Czech national, Lucie has lived in Brazil for three years. Passionate about travel, she likes to understand the places visited, to experience them deeply by getting to know her inhabitants, listening to them and respecting them, which goes far beyond a simple discovery of foreign countries. Lucie joined Lats's team for exactly that. She shares with Carla and her clients the same philosophy about what makes an unforgettable trip: unique experiences, attention to the smallest details and accompaniment by the best local professionals. Lucie graduated in History of Art and Heritage in Paris and Seville. She has a background in family hospitality and has worked in the cultural and tourist sector in England, France and Spain.

Daniel Silva


I am a professional with almost 12 years of experience in the administrative and commercial areas (internal and external), being almost 3 of them in management and commercial, and with post-graduation in Business Management. What motivates me is the search for an experience and possibility to learn and present my knowledge for the growth of the company. I am a professional who considers the mission of the company as mine and I try to achieve all the goals that the position allows me.

What matters most to me is to be part of a serious company that is constantly looking for growth, and it is what LATSClub offers to me, the pleasure of being part of something bigger.