LATSClub Team

A company that carries innovation, customization, and authenticity in its DNA. Thus, in 2011, the Latin America Tourism Sales (LatsClub) was born, with the philosophy of performing an haute-couture work in Marketing and Sales, Commercial Representation, and Public Relations in Latin America for each one of its customers of the international luxury tourism market. “LatsClub does an artisanal work, delivering quality and commercial, technological, and marketing intelligence, increasing Sales results and brand exposure”, defines its general-director and founder, Carla Moura. The Brazilian executive decided to undertake based on the demand of the exclusive hotel La Sivolière, in Courchevel, which, with her, chose to outsource its Marketing and Sales department.
Based in São Paulo, the company presently operates in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, and Mexico, where it opened an office in 2018. With a portfolio of 13 brands and 5 loyal customers in a variety of destinations around the world, such as Rome, Florence, Nepal, Portugal, Bhutan, and India, it has expertise in three aspects: Charming Hotels (charming small hotels), Ski & Biking (ski and bike) and DMCs (Destination Management Companies). Belong to its exclusive selection, Lungarno Collection, Italian network of boutique hotels of the Ferragamo family, Cox & Kings, inbound tourism agency with over 200 years of history, and Bike Tours Portugal – luxury on two wheels, among other premium products. One of the actions that have marked its history was the creation of Braskicup, ski championship for Brazilians in Courchevel, organized by La Sivolière and an overwhelming success – which became part of the events calendar of the station more than six years ago.
Attentive to industry trends, LatsClub is always in the forefront, a visionary. It maintains a horizontal management policy, as a team, and its mission is to develop a solid trust relationship with its customer and to grow slowly, with quality. Its most recent undertaking: an application to help travel agents, with information on its hotels, destinations, and experiences, and a loyalty club, generating benefits. “The idea is to bring the technology for the good and to transform agents into real travel healers, facilitating their work of customizing the experience”, summarizes Carla. The future starts here.


By Antonella Salem*

*Journalist specializing in tourism for over 20 years, Antonella is editor of Escape of Harper’s Bazaar magazine and curator of travel content.

Carla Moura



It is 3 p.m. on the dot when I get to the door of the old four-story building in the Pinheiros neighborhood, in São Paulo. Who welcomes me at this office is Carla Moura herself, wearing casual clothes and in a very low-profile manner. She immediately starts apologizing. “We are under construction”, she says, with a smile on her face and the slight European Portuguese accent. The many potted plants and vintage and creative details here and there make me feel at home. Carla takes no time in pouring me a fresh cup of decanted coffee and begins telling the story of a young girl who left home early and battled for her career and life like no one else. Averse to fashion and a tech enthusiast, she is the example of the executive of the future and has the ability to create and undertake.
Daughter of Brazilian mother and Portuguese father, Carla was born in Rio and grew up in Portugal. At the age of 13 she returned to Brazil with her family and, as soon as she turned 18, left for the world.
The destination: Barcelona. ``I've always had a great passion for the Spanish culture,`` she recalls. ``I fell in love with the city and I found myself.`` There she perfected the language and experienced her first contact with tourism as well as the challenges that involve a sales department, working at the Hard Rock Cafe. She loved to hit targets.
So, she experienced hospitality at a night shift at the Hotel Arts Barcelona, a Ritz-Carlton Company hotel design, and decided to study tourism at the Mediterrani University School. ``A love story for the sector emerged”, she says. And, also, a love story that took her to Morocco. He, a Portuguese hotelier, with whom she later formed a family.
She learned French and lived for years in the Barcelona-Marrakech ``shuttle service”, then Island of Mauritius, Bodrum, in Turkey, and Rio.
It was in the Moroccan city that Carla met Florence Carcassonne, director of the exclusive hotel La Sivolière, in Courchevel, her first customer. ``She accompanied my entire evolution.`` With the idea of outsourcing the hotel’s Sales and Marketing department, Carla idealized her company, focused in the Latin American tourism industry, and returned to Brazil, where she established her base. She no longer stopped.
Eager for knowledge and her academic and professional evolution, she always studied - and studies. She did her Master’s degree in Commercial Management and Marketing - ESIC, MBA from the Rushmore Business School, Executive Education and Digital Transformation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Google Mobile Academy and even a crash course in UX (User Experience) at Mergo in São Paulo, key for the creation of Apps.
She loves getting up early and embracing the challenges of managing the company and the education of her two children. On weekends, she spends hours cooking with them – time when she practices being a mom. When traveling, it is to recycle, to attend fairs and events or courses. In her spare time, she loves listening to music of all genres and practices Kung Fu. ``It brings me a very important balance.``
What are your thoughts for the future?
``I want to develop a major digital platform for the sector as a business, to help and train agents.`` She is off and running!

Antonella Salem

*Journalist specializing in tourism for over 20 years, Antonella is editor of Escape of Harper's Bazaar magazine and curator of travel content.

Lucie Brejsova

Sales Analyst

Lucie is from the Czech Republic and has lived in Brazil for two years.
She is passionate about traveling and likes to discover new places, in a detailed and respectful manner. For this reason, Lucie joined LatsClub.
She shares, with Carla and her customers, the same philosophy about unforgettable trips: unique experiences, attention to details, and assistance through the best local professionals.
Lucie graduated in Art History and Property in Paris and Seville. She has a family background in hospitality and has worked with culture and tourism in England, France, and Spain.

She is currently responsible for the markets: São Paulo,
Ribeirão Preto, Campinas, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Argentina e México.

Felipe Rodrigues

Sales Analyst

Felipe had many professional experiences in sales administration on economic activities before joining the high-standard tourism market. These experiences built an analytic profile, enabling him to identify and propose valuable business opportunities, optimize sales and business development. Working in customer relations for more than 10 years, his vocation and natural passion helps customers on their sales, assessing their needs, expectations, and requirements of a particular case.
He fully identifies himself with LatsClub since he values the strong and enduring win-win partnership. He holds an international profile with trips to Latin America, Europe, and Africa, in addition to holding a postgraduate degree in Management and International Commerce from the University of Cergy-Pontoise, France.

He is currently responsible for: São Paulo,
Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Mexico, Chile and Peru.

Bruna Calil

Assistente Comercial

Apaixonada pelo mercado de turismo e amante de música boa e jazz, Bruna prioriza o turismo sustentável, prezando por lugares não visitados e por experiências com foco na cultura local. Aliada com os valores da LATS, Bruna entrou para equipe com o intuito de mostrar o mercado e traçar estratégias para melhoria constante dos nossos serviços. Com foco na alta performance e qualidade, busca a excelência para seus clientes e parceiros. Bruna é formada em turismo e especialista em marketing pela USP. Trabalhou com diversas áreas dentro do turismo, o que a torna multidisciplinar na equipe.


Analista Comercial

Sonhadora, Roberta ama ler e assistir séries. Apaixonada pelas vertentes do Marketing, proteção do meio ambiente, animais e viagens, preza por um turismo sustentável. Aliada com os valores da LATS, Roberta entrou para a equipe para desenvolver as estratégias de marketing e comunicação, com o intuito de aumentar sempre a excelência nesses campos. Roberta é formada em Publicidade e Propaganda pela Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, multidisciplinar, já trabalhou em diversas áreas do marketing de luxo.